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We Never Compromise on Quality

No matter how great your stylist is, the products they use can truly make or break a haircut. That's why we insist on using only the finest brands in our salons. We refuse to use anything less than excellent quality formulas, and are eager to stock products that are mindful of their impact not just on our hair and skin, but on the environment.


 The Brands We Carry


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Using the highest quality ingredients in their eco-friendly formulas, L'ANZA is a staple of professional haircare. Healing shampoos, treatments, pastes and clays are just some of the brilliant products that make up their popular line.


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European favourite Joico puts ‘joi' at the heart of its formulas. For the last forty years, the haircare brand has emphasised the importance - and beauty - of healthy hair, so their products guarantee shiny, vibrant and lustrous hair.



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The German cosmeceutical pioneer Janssen is one of the esteemed brands we stock for skincare needs. Janssen's brilliant range of face masks, serums, and creams are adored for their scientific, clean formulas and proven efficacy.



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  Why We Insist on Great Products

  • Intensive hair procedures, like perm and bleaching, can be particularly taxing on the strength of hair. Though both perm and bleaching treatments are more popular than ever, it's important that customers are guided to the right products to protect, strengthen, and revitalise their hair.
  • Keratin treatments, otherwise known as Brazilian Blowouts or a Brazilian Blow-dry, are a super effective way to combat damage caused by intensive procedures. By adding protein to the hair, it is strengthened significantly. Expect long-lasting shine, smoothness and improved manageability.


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Lifeless, dull, unruly hair? A Keratin Treatment can completely rejuvenate your hair and reverse years of damage.
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